Watch Party

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Watch Party

Host your own Watch Party!

An online Watch Party is a group of people who meet online to experience service together! Create the space for the event you’re about to host by following the steps below:

STEP 1   

Create a Group on Facebook. Invite ANYONE you’d like to your group to watch with you. This is a GREAT opportunity to invite people that have never been to Skybreak Church! Think of your neighbors, extended family, coworkers…anyone that needs encouragement! We have graphics for you to use to help you spread the word. Be sure to pray for those you’ve invited a few minutes before you begin your watch party! Click HERE to get the graphics.

STEP 2  

On the box where you create a post, you will find the option for “Watch Party.” Click on this to be able to host the video in your group. Look up "Skybreak Church" in the search bar to find the live video. PIN a comment that states: “Welcome to Skybreak Church Online! We’re so glad you’ve joined us today! It’s our honor to host you and we’d love the opportunity to pray for you. Comment below with any prayer requests!"

STEP 3   

Welcome ALL who join your watch party! Similar to hosting a group, we want to be sure guests feel the love for joining our space. Be sure to GREET, ENGAGE, and COMMENT with those who are in the space throughout the watch party.    


The live stream video will start five minutes before service, 9:10AM and 11:10AM. Be sure you’re ready to go! While the watch party is happening, feel free to grab photos or screenshots of your computer or screen and share them! Tag Skybreak Church, and use hashtag #SkybreakWatchParty!    

STEP 5  

When the service is over, encourage guests to fill out our online Connect Card! They can do this if they are new to Skybreak, or they just made the decision to accept Jesus! Post this link below in the comments section after service has ended, and let them know we’d love the opportunity to pray for them!

Remember: Hosting is all about caring for those God brings to your space. Lead by engaging with the message in the comments, be attentive to those commenting, and make it fun! It’s a party!